What is an Implementation Plan?

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I will explain one of the first steps towards improved productivity.

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An Implenation Plan helps us to ensure that all your requirements are met, that everyone understands there responsibilities and when things are due to happen. Let's look at each of these points.

Ensures Key Requirements Are Met

During the Requirements Meeting each of your key requirements are listed. Against each Requirement is an explanation of how this Requirement is going to be met. How the process surrounding this Requirement is going to work including the steps taken by your staff. Each of these desriptions is very similar to a Use Case for the process. It may be that Purebiz does it's part in the process without modification in which case this is confirmed. If modification to Purebiz was required, Purebiz will have been modified by this point and the modification will be tested against the Use Case.

Everyone Should Understand Their Role in the Plan

The plan will detail some important people. Who they are and how they can be contacted. The first is the project leader from BIA. This person is in charge of the project at Business Information Associates (BIA). Next is the project supervisor from the client business. All communication from BIA to the client business and vise versa goes through this person. They will know everything about the project. Next is the Purebiz Expert. This person is a client employee that will be included in all training sessions by BIA. This person will be available to answer all other staff members questions about Purebiz and the way it operates. If this person does not know the answer or is unavailable Purebiz support can be consulted.

Project Timeline

The Project Timeline sets out what needs to be done when. Each task that is to be done will be listed along with a start date and a target completion date. Tasks like training sessions, data conversions, software modifications, hardware and software installs and go live date will be on the Timeline.

Not Set in Stone

The Implementation Plan is one of the items generated during out of the Requirements meeting. It is not written once and then never changes. I have never worked on a project where some changes were not necessary to the Implementation Plan. People leave, Requirements change, new Requirements are discovered and additional training may be required. The Implemenation Plan is a working document subject to change for all kinds of reasons. All changes are discussed by the BIA Project Leader and the Client Project Supervisor and communicated to the rest of the Client team by the Supervisor.

This document was created on the 29/10/2015 and last updated on the 29/10/2015.