Reporting Bugs and Requesting Changes

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I will show you how easy it is to report errors and request changes to Purebiz.

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Introduction to Reporting Bug and Requesting Changes

Reporting bugs and requesting changes to the software can be be done from the Purebiz desktop. Our aim is to make it easy to do these things and keep track of progress. We want the process of Bug Reporting and Requesting Changes to be as efficient and orderly as possible. We know that the best suggestions for improvement of the software come from the people who use it everyday and we are eager to hear from you so please suggest freely.

Opening the Software Improvement and Suggestions List

From the Purebiz main menu select Maintenance->Software Improvement & Sugestions. This will open the Software Improvement & Suggestion List. It is important to remember that each Account Set has it's own list of Software Improvement suggestions. When reporting bugs please report the bug in the Account set that the bug was first noticed. This will help us with determining the exact nature of the bug.

Adding a New Software Improvement or Bug Report

You add a new Software Improvement or Bug by clicking "Add Software Improvement" in the menu on the list screen. You will be asked to confirm that you want to open a new Software Improvement record, click Yes and the detail form will open with a new Software Improvement item loaded ready for you to add information. Give it a Title, a short name for the the item that briefly describes it. Enter a full and complete description of the Improvement or Bug in the Description field. Make sure you include as much information as possible to make it easy for us to understand the issue.

Adding Image
Adding a new Software Improvement form.

What Priority Should Be Used

The Priority of an Improvement or a Bug is related to how quickly it needs to be implemented or fixed. You make the initial judgment but we may change it so that it fits with our priority of work and how the work fits with other items on the list.

Select Priority
Select a priority.

What Severity Should Be Used

The Severity relates to the impact the Improvement or Bug has on your business. One of the worst Bugs to have affects data, loss of data for example. Other severe Bugs may have to do with process flow, not being able to create an invoice for example.

Select Severity
Select the severity of the improvement.

Using the Anonymous Check Box

Only Suggestions can be made anonymously. We want you to be able to suggest freely and anominity helps this. Bugs and Modifications will almost always require further discussion so we need to know who to talk to about the matter.

Using Anonymous
Using the Anonymous check box.

What Will Business Information Associates Do?

This will depend on what sort of entry it is, bugs will normally be handled first. But it also depends on the priorty and severity that has been assigned. Notes and Documents may be added relating to the change and its development progress. Please feel free to add notes of your own.

We will add a Completion Due date. This may change as work priorities alter.

Once work on the Improvement is complete we will check the Completed check box and enter the version in which the Improvement was released.

If for some reason the Improvement is no longer required it will be marked as inactive by unchecking the Active check box.


The Software Improvement & Suggestion feature in Purebiz is there so that you can communicate changes you require to us in an orderly fashion. It helps us prioritise our work and communicate progress to you. It is one of the most important features of Purebiz and every user should be familiar with it. Please don't hesitate to use it.

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Date last modified: 6th January 2017