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Application Selection Points set Purebiz apart from your average business software suite. This article explains how they work.

Introduction to Application Selection Points

Application Selection Points (ASPs) are places in the Purebiz code where decisions are made about what to do next. The decision is based on the clients ID, in this way we can customise Purebiz to work differently for different customers. Purebiz can show a different form or perform a calculation in a different way for example for any of our customers. In this way we can imbed your policies and procedures into Purebiz works for you in your business the way you want.

Form Example

One of the most important uses for ASPs is customising forms. A special form can be created for the client business and this form can be used in place of the Purebiz standard form.

Add new prospect enquiry menu selected
Add new prospect enquiry menu selected.

In the image above you can see the "Add New Prospect Enquiry" menu selection. The standard form is used to add new prospect enquiries to the database, attach tasks such as "Follow Up" and assign them to appropriate users for action. You can see the standard form below.

Stardard prospect enquiry form.
Standard prospect enquiry form.

The standard form did not meet the requirements of one of our clients so an Application Selection Point is used to display a custom form developed to meet their specifications. You can see the form below.

Custom prospect enquiry form.
Customised prospect enquiry form.

As you can see the custom form can be used to gather much more information and that information is specific to their business like partner information, site, timing and experience data. Information that they need to do a great job.

It fits in with their policies and procedures surronding the way they want to handle new enquiries to their business. It helps to make them more efficient and improves their customer service. They don't miss a thing.


If you want to enforce your procedures, be ahead of your competitors when it comes to information gathering and application, talk to us about customising Purebiz to meet your needs. So you can run your business your way.

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Date last modified: 6th January 2017