Hiding Unwanted Objects

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We show you one of the important customisation techniques that will help make Purebiz easier to use and therefore your business more efficient.

Introduction to Object Hiding

Removing clutter, unwanted features and information is a good way to improve may things like the simplicity of forms and menus or even entire feautres. As part of the Implementation Plan we talk to you about the functionality that need from Purebiz and exactly how it should work. This will leave some things unused. We then have to decide whether there would be benefit in hiding these things. Not all objects that are not required can be hidden becuse Purebiz is an integrated system and alot of the features are inter-related but some tiding up can be done.

Menu Example

Purebiz has a Custom menu, it is shown below at the right hand end of the menu bar. It is used to start external programs like the Calculator as shown here or any custom features that you want built and don't really fit anywhere else. Purebiz desktop showing menu

Purebiz desktop showing custom menus.

These menu choices are standard and except for the Calculator choice they do nothing. They are there just to demonstrate they can be added. If you don't want to see them they can be removed by making an adjustment to the Account Set configuration which we can do easily.

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Date last modified: 5th January 2017